Spring fashion would not be complete without an awesome pair of floral jeans! These jeans are so much fun to wear and easy to style! Floral jeans also add some brightness to those gloomy spring days. I purchased these floral jeans from Delia’s many years ago but I’m sure there are similar ones available in many stores. Pattern jeans are not as sparse as they used to be so you are bound to find a pair of floral jeans in stores.
I have styled these jeans many different ways over the years. For this look I decided to keep everything black except my accessories. I wanted the jeans to really stand out and pop without any distraction from my shirt or shoes. It was a little chilly on the day I wore this outfit so I wore a long sleeve black shirt with a black cardigan on top of it. Not only was black a good choice because it is neutral, but it also matched some of the leaves of the flowers on my jeans.
This floral pattern is definitely one of my favorites that I have seen on jeans. I love the neutral black and white colors throughout the jeans yet there are these awesome, bright flowers popping out all over. All of the different colors make styling these jeans a lot of fun as well. I have also styled these jeans with a cropped baseball tee and a bright tank top underneath. You can get very creative with the styling possibilities with these jeans. DSC00935.JPG
As for my accessories, I wore my purple Ray-Bans to add a different color into the mix. I wore my white daisy skull necklace from Betsey Johnson so it would pop out against my black shirt. This necklace was also perfect for the flower theme since it has daisies on it. I kept my bracelet simple as well with a white studded bangle from Coach.
Floral jeans do not have to be limited to the spring. I have worn these jeans during different seasons and had a lot of fun with it. These jeans are even more fun to wear in the spring though, and they help to get you into that spring fashion mindset. I own a few other pairs of floral jeans that are darker and lighter than this pair. Floral jeans are out there and if you are looking for a pair make sure to keep your eye out while shopping! I would recommend trying H&M, Forever 21, and Macy’s. Happy shopping and Happy Spring!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shirt- Forever 21
Cardigan- Delia’s
Necklace- Betsey Johnson
Jeans- 1st Kiss (purchased from Delia’s)
Bracelet- Coach
Shoes- Betsey Johnson
-Caroline 🙂

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