Spring fashion for me is all about pairing neutral pieces with a lot of bold colors! I love pairing bold tops and kimonos against white or black pants and vice versa. I also love finishing off my look with a bold shoe. For this look I decided to pair a bright tie dye shirt with a matching bright blue shoe!
I purchase this shirt from Forever 21 a few years ago and it is still one of my favorite pieces to wear during the spring. The bright colors in this shirt are so refreshing to wear after a cold, gloomy winter. I usually like to pair this top with black or white pants. For this look I chose a pair of black jeans so I could wear a white denim jacket over my shirt.
I purchased this white denim jacket from Target sometime last summer and I haven’t been able to wear it until this spring! The bright white color is perfect for the spring and I have not decided yet if i want to add embellishments to this jacket or not. I think it would look cool with some studs and pins on it but I also like the clean, crisp look it currently has.
I really enjoy how the white jacket pops against the bright colors in my shirt. This shirt would also pair well with white jeans or capris. I knew I had to wear my bright blue converse with this look to match my shirt. I usually like to wear these shoes with a matching shirt to make them stand out. Bright converse can also be styled with a more neutral outfit, making them the focus of the look.
I kept my sunglasses neutral with a pair of black and white Ray-bans. This look was so much fun to wear and it is one of my go to spring looks! It is also great to layer with a jacket on cooler spring days just like I did. Spring is all about pops of color after being in winter clothes for so long. Pops of color do not always have to be found in your top or pants, you can find them in shoes as well just like I did! Converse and Toms are a few of my favorite brands that currently have some really great shoes for the spring. Make sure to check them out for some fun spring shoes and pair them against a bright top! IMG_3435.JPG
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Jacket- Merona
Shirt- Forever 21
Pants- Material Girl
Shoes- Converse
-Caroline 🙂

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