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Almost every day I teach guitar, piano, and ukulele lessons at four different music schools. Since I am on the go so much, I keep my teaching bag full of music books, flash cards, pencils, and staff paper in my car so I always have it with me. I love my job and teaching music lessons, but I am not a fan of the germs that you can acquire from teaching in different classrooms.
One item that I have in my teaching bag all the time is antibacterial Warrior Wipes from Game Face Wipes. These wipes prevent me from catching any germs that have lingered in the classrooms. Game Face Wipes are not like any normal sanitizing wipe though. These wipes are paraben free, hypoallergenic, and they leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, and not dried out.
Another reason I love these Warrior Wipes is they are 98% natural. I try to use natural products on my skin whenever I can and now I have an antibacterial wipe that is good for your skin. These wipes are also alcohol-free and MRSA fighting.
Game Face Warrior Wipes smell great and are huge! They are 11″ X 7″ which is way bigger than your average antibacterial wipe. I use these wipes after I have touched classroom door knobs or hands of many students.
Since these wipes are so big, I also use them to wipe down any pianos I will be playing. I am able to wipe down my own hands and use the other side of the wipe to clean the piano keys of many germs.
Game Face Warrior Wipes are not only good for music teachers like me, but for anyone who wants to stay clean and germ-free.  This package of wipes can easily fit in a purse, briefcase, suitcase, a desk at work, or a compartment in your car. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these antibacterial Warrior Wipes.
If staying clean and fresh throughout the day sounds like something you want, then check out Game Face Antibacterial Warrior Wipes by clicking here and here. Twenty-five wipes come in one package and since they are so big you will get a lot of use out of just one of them.
-Caroline 🙂
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