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thepoppyskull.com-Daisy Spring Sweater

Welcome to the first post in my Spring Things series! In this series of blog posts, I’m going to be highlighting groups of different clothing and accessories that are perfect for spring. I will be showing you how I styled these pieces as well. The first post in my Spring Things series is focused on spring sweaters.
Even though it has technically been spring for a month now, it has not really felt like it where I live. We have only a few nice spring days, and the other days have been in the 40s, which is way too cold! The perfect thing to wear during a cold spring day is a spring sweater. What makes spring sweaters different from other sweaters is they are light and/or pastel colored and have spring flowers or a floral print on them.
The spring sweaters I will be showing you in this post are great to use an inspiration to style your own spring sweater look. A lot of these sweaters are a few years old so I could not find the exact links to them, but I have provided similar clothing and accessories to each look.

Nautical Stripes

The first type of spring sweater that I like to wear is one with nautical stripes on it. I purchased this royal blue and white sweater from Delia’s a few years ago and I love wearing it in the spring. The color combination on the sweater makes me want to go sailing somewhere in the springtime.
Spring Sweaters-Nautical StripesSpring Sweaters-Nautical
I enjoy playing off the nautical stripes on this sweater by adding a contrasting color, such as orange or coral, and wearing sea-inspired accessories to complete the look. All of the items I am wearing are older but I have linked similar ones below so you can create your own nautical look!
Spring Sweaters- Nautical Anchor Necklace-thepoppyskull.com
Spring Sweaters- Octopus Ring-thepoppyskull.com
Springs Sweaters- Alex and Ani Tropical Bracelets

Spring Colored Sweatshirts

Another great and fun way to stay warm during the spring is with a spring colored sweatshirt. This Mickey sweatshirt was actually my mom’s. The light blue and teal color combination just scream spring colors to me. I styled this sweatshirt with black jeans but I think white would go great as well.
Spring Sweaters- Mickey Mouse-thepoppyskull.com
Mickey Mouse- Spring Sweaters- The Poppy Skull
This is an easy casual look for a chilly spring day at home or for strolling around town on a breezy spring day.
thepoppyskull.com-spring sweaters

Edgy Floral Sweaters

Skull Sweater for Spring-thepoppyskull.com
My spring sweater collection would be nothing without a floral skull sweater. This sweater is from Tilly’s and again it is a few years old. I really enjoy the different colors on this sweater because it matches a lot of different pants. It is also a great way for me to express spring through my love of Halloween.
Spring Skull Sweater-thepoppyskull.com
I could not find a ton of skull floral sweaters, however, all of the t-shirts and tank tops I have linked will look great layered under a cardigan!

Daisy Sweaters

thepoppyskull.com-Daisy Spring Sweater
Spring Daisy Sweater-thepoppyskull.com
Daisy sweaters are a must-have for any spring sweater collection. What better way is there to celebrate the season by wearing daisies all over your sweater?! The one I am wearing is from Delia’s. I was able to purchase it before they closed a few years ago 🙁 I have, however, linked a bunch of other daisy sweaters below!
thepoppyskull.com-Daisy Spring Sweater

Fun Patterned Sweaters

Fun Spring Sweater- thepoppyskull.com
The last type of spring sweater I enjoy wearing are ones with fun patterns on them. This one from Express looks like a normal striped sweater from the front, but the stripes change on the back. Sweaters like this are fun and perfect for spring. The blue and white color is also a nice breath of fresh air to wear after a gloomy winter. This sweater is also not too heavy and not too light, which makes it great to wear on a breezy spring day.
Spring Sweaters-thepoppyskull.com
Sweaters for Spring- thepoppyskull.com

I hope you have enjoyed my spring sweaters and can find some style inspiration through this post. Be on the look-out for my next part of my Spring Things series!
-Caroline 🙂

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