Wine Down Wednesday

Wine Down Wednesday

I am a very crafty person and I love a good D.I.Y. so I decided to give this one a try! I have a wine journal where I record different bottles of wine that I drink, what they tasted like, etc. For each journal entry there is a spot to put the wine label from the bottle of wine you are writing about. Since these labels do not peel off with ease, I decided to search Pinterest for a way to remove these labels.
After doing some searching I found a pin on Pinterest that I wanted to try. You can find the link to this pin here! This D.I.Y. calls for a few ingredients that you might already have around your house. If you do not already have these ingredients they are easy to find at the store.
After following these directions:
Fill your sink with hot, hot, hot water.  Then fill each wine bottle with hot water and drop it into the sink.  Next, add this secret potion:

  • 1/2 cup baking powder
  • 1 Tbsp dish soap
  • 2 cups white vinegar

My sink looked like this:
I tried this D.I.Y. twice and ended up with pretty much the same result both times. The first time I tried this project I thought I had baking POWDER but instead I had baking SODA. I really wanted to try this project so I went ahead and used baking soda. I did not notice much of a difference between the two except for how much the water fizzed and bubbled up.
Both times I tried this project I let the bottles soak for around 30 minutes, which is the suggested time according to the website. The first time I tried this D.I.Y. I ended up having all of these labels at the end.
Some of the labels ended up getting a little messed up when I peeled them off after they were done soaking. The only label that came off perfectly and by itself was the Dreaming Tree wine label.
After trying this project a few times I really think it comes down to the quality of the label itself. The Dreaming Tree label was just floating in the sink in perfect condition after 30 minutes. The other labels I had to try and carefully peel off the wine bottles. When I went to peel off a few labels they basically disintegrated in my hand. Other labels did come off without ripping such as the ones pictured above. The second time I tried this project I only ended up with two labels.
I was really hoping to keep the labels from the Wines That Rock, but none of them came off very well and they ended up ripping. Once again I think it just depends on the quality of the label and how thick it is, etc.
Overall this was an easy project to do! I would recommend testing out this project with wine labels that you feel indifferent about if they get ruined or not. I think this D.I.Y. is geared more towards removing the labels so you can keep the plain wine bottles and use them for other projects or decor. These instructions do not really seem to be about preserving the wine labels and removing them in good condition. I ended up doing some more searching on Pinterest and found a few other pins that seemed like they are directed towards preserving the labels. Here is a link to one that I found but have not tried it yet:
This is how a few of the pages from my wine journal turned out:
Initially for this journal I was just taking pictures of all the wine labels and was going to print them and put them in the journal. I decided to try removing the labels instead and ended up only getting a few off of their bottles in good condition. If you are interested in trying this project for fun, as an experiment, or to remove the labels to use the bottles, this project is definitely for you. However, if you want to remove the labels to keep them I would try a different method. I am going to try the method of heating the wine bottles up in the oven next and see how it goes! I will keep you updated if the next D.I.Y. way to remove wine bottle labels was worth it or not!
-Caroline 🙂


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