Sweater Weather

Even thought it is March, spring hasn’t sprung just yet and warm, comfy sweaters are still very much needed! Here are two of my favorite sweaters that I’ve been wearing this season.
This first one is from Material Girl. I was obviously attracted to it because of all the skulls but it is also very comfortable. The tan and black colors in it also make it very versatile with different colored jeans. The pattern isn’t just limited to the front of the sweater, there are skulls on the arms and back of the sweater as well.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Skull Sweater- Material Girl
Jeans- Material Girl
Boots- Bearpaw
This next sweater I bought from Delia’s (R.I.P.), which was seen back in my big Delia’s haul post: https://thepoppyskull.com/2015/01/18/end-of-an-era/
The sweater is cropped, which makes it different than your standard sweater and the daisies on it are super cute. The colors of this daisy sweater also make it easy to pair to different colored jeans. There are also daisies on the back of the sweater as well. Even though Delia’s is no longer around 🙁 I have seen a similar to sweater like this at Macy’s that might still be available.
Sweater- Delia’s (R.I.P.)
Tank Top- Forever 21
Jeans- Celebrity Pink Jeans
Boots- Style & Co.
Stay Warm!
-Caroline 🙂


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