Suit Me-Up & Complimentary Vodka!

Hey Y’all’s, it’s Wakeen 🙂 “Been a long while!” Was off from work today and stopped by Billy Reid off of King St. to have a look around. While scavenging, a nice associate named, Bergen, asked if I would like a glass of water, beer, or vodka :D. I felt adventurous so I went with the Vodka. Oh, and this is what I wore for today’s “Rocker” Journey!
Cheers & Great to be Back on this Site! -Jon-

T-Shirt – John Varvatos
Leather Jacket – Michael Kors
Belt – Coach
Pants – Dockers
Shoes – GBX (still kickin since 2005 🙂
*Camera Choice* – Leica IIIF


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