I’ve had my eye on these Stormm rain boots by Betsey Johnson for awhile. For my birthday I was very fortunate to receive a pair of them from my boyfriend! I was super excited when I opened the box and saw them! That was probably the only moment I was excited for it to rain so I could wear my new boots!
These Stormm boots come in a big, signature hot pink Betsey Johnson box! I love her shoebox packaging because it is so different from all the other brands.
These boots have a super smooth sleek black look to them. Stormm boots are also available in a bright fuchsia color but I really wanted a neutral pair of rain boots. I have two other pairs of rain boots but one is blue with multi colored anchors on them and the other is black with bright paint splatter all over them. I love both of these boots as well but it’s really nice to have a plain black pair to wear with bright colored jeans.
Even though these boots are plain black I love how Betsey adds a cute accessory to them with the studded gold bows. The studded bows are just the right touch to spice up a pair of plain boots!
The heel of these boots also has the signature “XOX Betsey” on them. As soon as I tried these boots on I immediately felt how super comfortable they are! They are definitely a lot more comfortable than the other two pairs of rain boots I have.
This was my first time styling these boots so for this look I decided to pair a lot of black and white neutral colors against a pop of bright purple pants.  I tied the black Stormm boots together with a black cardigan. I wanted a brighter neutral color as well so I pair a white long-sleeve shirt with my purple jeans. I also kept my umbrella black and white with my favorite Nightmare Before Christmas umbrella that I purchased in Disneyland!
Umbrella- Disneyland
Cardigan- Delia’s
White Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Delia’s
Boots- Stormm by Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson currently has quite a few pairs of rain boots for sale on her website. These boots make perfect gifts for Christmas!
-Caroline 🙂


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