Spring Skulls and Flowers

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Spring is finally here!!!….well sort of. The weather here is crazy as usual! One day it is 70 degrees and sunny and the next it is super windy and chilly! On cooler days there are many ways you can incorporate spring clothing into your outfits! This spring, pullover, skull sweater shirt is a perfect example of spring attire on cold days!
I purchased this cropped pullover from Tilly’s a few years ago. I like the material of this pullover because it is not super heavy but not super light either. It keeps you warm but you will not get hot wearing it. My favorite part of this pullover though is the skull with flowers all over it!
This pullover can be worn in the winter too but I really love it for spring! It has great spring colors on it and it pairs well with many different colors of jeans! For this look I decided to play off the green flowers and wear matching green pants. I did not want the colors to get too out of hand so I wore a neutral, grey tank top underneath the pullover. I kept my shoes simple as well with a pair of grey Converse. This pair of Converse also has a green outline on them which matched my green pants and the green flowers on the pullover.
I wore this outfit on a colder, cloudy spring day but I was able to bring some brightness to the day with my outfit! Keep an eye out for clothing that is warm and has long sleeves yet still has a spring vibe to it like this pullover! These items are great to wear when it is technically spring but the weather is not acting like it is!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Pullover- Full Tilt
Tank Top- Forever 21
Jeans- Tripp NYC
Shoes- Converse
-Caroline 🙂


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