Slipping Into New Shoes

Slipping Into New Shoes

Last month I was looking around DSW’s website and came across a pair of Betsey Johnson shoes that I had to have! There were only a few left but luckily there was a pair in my size. Once they came in the mail I was super excited to try them on and they fit perfectly!
All of Betsey’s shoes come in super cute packaging. I have a few sandals and sneakers that came in a hot pink shoe box such as this one.
Not only is the outside of the box very different from other shoe boxes but the tissue paper on the inside is awesome as well!
As you can see there are skulls all over these sneakers, which immediately caught my attention. These sneakers are called Betsey Johnson Amira Sport Flat in the color black/white. Not only do these shoes have one of my favorite things all over them, skulls, they are also very comfortable! If you look closely you can also see the signature “XOX Betsey” all over the shoes as well.
IMG_2070IMG_2067 I tried these shoes on with and without socks and they fit great either way. I will probably be wearing them with socks but they are great both ways!
I am very excited to start wearing these shoes a lot. Since they are black and white they will match a lot of clothing easily. They are also great to wear throughout all the seasons! They can easily be paired with capris, jeans, shorts, skirts and leggings!
-Caroline 🙂


2 thoughts on “Slipping Into New Shoes

  1. Hi, hey, I love fashion experimentation and looks great with socks too, also more daring for a girl, at least until these last here, but who cares for trends style should be personal, although it’s interesting to look trends and take note of them to borrow ideas, try variants, then not following them or following them in part, but as a choice.
    I’m a guy and looks like something I do in shorts, with loafers, sometimes without socks and sometimes with ankle socks, depending on the climate and how I’m comfortable, while the rule is apparently now for us to never wear socks with shorts. But doing it too often can give blisters also :D.

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