R.I.P. Delia's

As of Sunday February 22, 2015 Delia’s closed their doors forever 🙁 I was able to go a few weeks before they closed and the day before they closed. It was really sad seeing the store so empty. I was able to find some more items from them that I liked during the last few weeks.
These first two items I bought from them at the beginning of February. I was able to find this pair of white shorts in my size for a really good discount. I don’t have just a plain, regular pair of white shorts and I was glad I was able to find this pair. I’m excited to wear them with a bunch of different colored/patterned tops this summer.
I was also able to find this mint bathing suit bottom. I have a few bathing suits from them that I love so I figured I’d take advantage of the opportunity to buy one last bathing suit item from them. I have a few solid colored and multi-colored bikini tops that this bottom with match well with.
I was also able to find some items of interest to me the day before they closed for good 🙁 The first was this white, long sleeve, burnt out top with thumb holes. It’s very comfortable and I can always use more plain, white shirts.
The second item I bought is this awesome smiley face tank top. I think it was the only one left in the store and I’m very excited to wear this in the spring and summer.
This last and final purchase is the one I’m most excited about. I did not see these until I was at the check out counter and I was very, very lucky that they had my size. I’ve had my eye on these for a very long time and I was finally able to get them…..drum roll please….
Ahhhh I’m so excited about these boots! I actually haven’t worn them yet because it has been so snowy and rainy here but once it’s not slushy out I’m totally putting these on. I obviously love the union jack on them and the studs and buckle. They do have a small heel on them as you can see but they are comfortable. I’m very happy I lucked out and decided to look behind the counter. The cashier also gave me this huge bag of hangers for free so I should be set on hangers for awhile.
Even though it is very sad Delia’s is now closed forever and I very happy they existed as long as they did. They’ve had a huge impact on my style since high school and it will be harder to shop without them as an option. I am also going to miss receiving the catalog in the mail and reading it over and over again. Thanks Delia’s for everything!
-Caroline 🙂


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