Joggers are one of my favorite types of pants to wear during the spring, fall, and while traveling. They are very comfortable and come in many different patterns and colors. I have done a few posts in the past featuring the different types of joggers that I own. While I was packing for my trip a few weeks ago I decided to bring a pair of joggers that I have not worn yet. This pair of paisley joggers came from the Express Outlet many months ago and I finally got around to styling them!
These paisley joggers are probably one of my favorite pairs that I own. The material is a lot more silky than my other joggers. These joggers are super comfortable and can be dress up or down. There are also many different colors running throughout the pattern on these joggers, which makes styling them with different colored tops fun! For this look I decided to keep it neutral and pair a white sleeveless blouse with the joggers.
I also wore one of my new favorite pairs of sandals from this summer, which is my white Material Girl sandals. These joggers are also lightweight so I did not get too hot in them while walking around in the Denver heat. To add a hint of color I wore a light blue tank top underneath my white blouse that matched the light blue in the paisley pattern.
If you do not own a pair of joggers I would definitely recommend purchasing some! They are comfortable, fun to wear, stylish, and can be dress up or casually. I am personally not a fan of the joggers that look like sweatpants and that are made out of sweatpants material. I like to wear the silky joggers that have a pattern to them. Which ever type you prefer you should definitely give them a try!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Blouse- Forever 21
Joggers- Express
Sandals- Material Girl
-Caroline πŸ™‚

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