I'm With The Band

Band T-shirts have been a regular item in my closet for many years. I find it easier to wear them in the spring and summer though since it’s warm out. I wanted to share how I’ve worn two of my favorite band t-shirts this winter while being able to stay warm.
This first shirt I got back in December at a 1975 concert. If you have not heard of them or listened to them please do so right now!! They are so awesome! I discovered one of their EPs before their full length album came out and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve seen them twice and even have their full length on vinyl so definitely check them out. This shirt is so comfortable and different from other band shirts I have. I love the floral design on it and the rectangle is from their album cover. It also says “Robbers” under their name, which is a song title from their full length album. Paring this shirt with a cardigan helped keep me warmer since the 1975 shirt is just a t-shirt. I am looking forward to wearing this shirt more in the spring because of the floral design.
Cardigan- Delia’s (R.I.P.)
Shirt- the 1975
Pants- Delia’s (R.I.P.)
Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.
This next shirt my brother actually got for me when he saw The Wonder Years last month. One of our favorite bands, Fireworks, was one of the openers and since I was not able to attend he bought a shirt for me 🙂 I also recommend checking out Fireworks if you haven’t already. Both of their albums are really good but I am currently obsessed with their first album, Gospel. I have that album on vinyl as well. This shirt is a little on the bigger side so I decided to tuck it into my jeans to give it more of a shape and a more put together look. I also wore a cardigan to help keep me warm. The logo on the shirt is from their second album, Oh, Common Life.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shirt- Fireworks
Cardigan- Delia’s (R.I.P.)
Jeans- Tripp NYC
Boots- Style & Co.
-Caroline 🙂


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