Flower Child

Flower Child

This post features one of my new favorite necklaces from Betsey Johnson! It is the Flower Child Daisy Skull Pendant Necklace. It was a anniversary gift from my boyfriend and I love it so much! I have a lot of black skull necklaces but barley any white ones. The bright white color and the beautiful daisies on the skull and chain make it a perfect necklace for spring and summer. Instead of having just a plain skull, I love how Betsey Johnson made the skull out of an interesting lace-like design. It adds another dimension to the necklace and makes it even more beautiful!
I decided to pair the necklace with this Heathered Crew Neck Tee from Forever21 in the color Aqua. I love the white contrast of the necklace against the aqua color. I also wanted to wear a basic tee with this necklace because I wanted the necklace to be the focal point of the outfit.
I wanted to keep the shorts simple in this outfit as well, so I decided on this pair of D.I.Y. Levi’s that I made a few summers ago. I cut these jeans into shorts, added some rips, bleach and painted the peace sign on the front of them. They are super comfortable and are great for outfits that call for simple, not crazy patterned shorts. For me personally, I don’t like wearing just plain, simple shorts so I love that even though these are just denim shorts, they have a lot of details to them.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Necklace- Betsey Johnson
Shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- Levi’s
Sandals- Wild Diva Lounge
-Caroline 🙂


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