You can walk into any clothing store right now and find a selection of graphic t-shirts. Some of my favorite graphic t-shirts have come from Delia’s, Hot Topic, Macy’s, and Forever 21. One thing we usually do not think about when purchasing t-shirts is “who designed this?” or “I wonder what the story behind this shirt is?”.
A place you can find cool and unique graphic t-shirts with a story behind them is Dfrnt Pigeon (Different Pigeon). This brand was created to help give homeless and at-risk youth a direction. Dfrnt Pigeon is based out of Portland, Oregon, and each t-shirt is created by a teenager in the group.
All of the shirts are printed by New Avenues ink, which is a screen printing company in Portland. Not only does this company print the shirts, but they employe and provide paid job training to the homeless and at-risk youth in the area.
I am wearing the ASL shirt, which is part of their current Identity collection. This shirt is very comfortable and easy to style. For this look, I paired this tee with burgundy skinny jeans and my new black booties from Toms.
These suede booties are also very comfortable and they have extra cushion on the inside. I love the cute tassels on the zippers too. You will definitely see these booties in a lot of blog posts for the fall and winter.
No outfit is complete without accessories, and for this outfit, I had to wear my favorite black hat. I kept my jewelry and sunglasses pretty simple with black and white pieces to match my shirt.
If you are on the hunt for some new graphic tees, check out Dfrnt Pigeon by clicking here. Not only will you be buying unique and comfy t-shirts, but you will be helping teens in Portland find a direction and career path. These shirts are fun to wear and easy to style with any pair of jeans, shorts, or skirts.       
Hat- Express
Shirt- Dfrnt Pigeon
Jeans- Delia’s
Booties- Toms
-Caroline 🙂

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