A durable and stylish card holder is an item that everyone should have. Whether you have business cards and/or credit cards, a card holder can keep your important cards organized and easy to find. I was on the hunt for a good business card holder for awhile. Once I saw the awesome Dagne Dover card holder that was in the winter Box of Style, I stopped looking for one. This card holder is exactly what I needed. It is the perfect size, color, and it holds my business cards perfectly.
There are three different places you could put your cards in this card holder. There are two pockets on the inside for cards and one pocket on the back. I personally keep my classical guitar business cards in the holder but credit cards would fit too.
I keep this Dagne Dover card holder in my purse at all times. This card holder keeps my business cards organized and in a separate location than my wallet. I can access my business cards a lot more quickly instead of digging through my wallet to find them. It also keeps my business cards in pristine condition.
You could also use this card holder while you are out running errands and do not want to be held down with a big purse. Your license, a few cards, and some money could fit very nicely in this card holder. Put the card holder, your phone, and keys in your pocket and you are good to go for the day!
Dagne Dover does have similar card holders available on their website. This card holder from the Winter Box of Style also came with a great dust bag for storage. You could also store other items such as jewelry, in this dust bag. The winter Box of Style is sold out but right now is the perfect time to sign up for the spring box! The spring box will be shipping in early March so make sure to sign up now to receive your box as soon as it is available!
Click here to sign up for The Box of Style. You don’t want to miss out on the next box! Make sure to use my coupon code, BOSWIN20, to receive $20 off the annual subscription price. This code is only valid until tomorrow, January 31, 2017. You can also use my coupon code, BOSAW16 to receive $10 off a seasonal subscription. This code also expires tomorrow January 31, 2017.
-Caroline πŸ™‚

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