D.I.Y. Pinterest Friday!

D.I.Y. Pinterest Friday!

Here is another super easy D.I.Y. that I found on Pinterest! I decided to test this out to see if it really works and good news, it does! This is especially good for all of you candle lovers out there!
I am a big fan of the Bath and Body Works Three Wick candles. Not only can I now use them to make my house smell good, but I can use the jar they are in once they are burnt out!
For this D.I.Y. you’re going to need:
A candle in a jarΒ that is burned all the way down (I used a bath and body works one)
A knife
Some Goo-Gone
First, what you want to do is put your candle in the freezer. I left mine in for a week because I didn’t have time to work on them right away. The website says leaving them in the freezer for only a few hours should do the trick though.
After you take your candle out of the freezer there might be some cracks in the wax. I did this D.I.Y. to two candles. After I took the first candle out of the freezer the wax was cracked in half and was easy to take out. This second candle that is pictured had some cracks in it but was harder to remove. It will vary by candle whether the wax will be easy to remove or not.
Then take a knife and break up the wax.
The wax from this candle was a little harder to break up. I would work on breaking it up and then I would tap the jar upside down in the trash can to get rid of the little pieces of wax. I actually put this one back in the freezer for a few minutes to make it easier to break up.
Once you get all the wax out it should look like this:
Then I peeled the labels off the jar. The front label came off with ease but the bottom label was a little harder to remove. I ended up using some Goo-Gone on the bottom label to remove it.

After removing the labels I worked on getting any residue left over from the wax. When I removed the wax from the first candle, the circular residue came off with the wax. After I removed the wax from this candle however, there was still residue from where the three wicks had been. I used Goo-Gone, soap and water to remove this residue.

After removing the last of the residue I washed the jars with soap and water. Here are the finished products!

You can also remove the labels from the lids of the jars but I thought they looked cute and wanted to keep them on.
This D.I.Y. was super easy to do and didn’t take very long once the candles have been frozen. I haven’t decided what I wanted to store in my jars yet. I wouldn’t recommend storing food or anything that would go in your food such as, packets of sweeteners. Even after I cleaned my jars and they aired out, they still smelled like the candle that had been in there. You don’t want your food tasting like a candle so keep that in mind when deciding on what to use your jars for. Anything besides food products will work great in these jars.
Next time your candle is burned all the way down, don’t throw out the jar, repurpose it!
Here is the website where I found this D.I.Y.Β http://www.peekandponder.com/2014/09/how-to-clean-out-your-candle-jars.html
-Caroline πŸ™‚


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