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Boy Meets World is my favorite T.V. show and if you have never seen it, I highly recommend watching it. This show originally aired from the years 1993-2000 and you can now probably find it on Netflix or Hulu. I will admit though, I own every season on DVD.
I follow this awesome Instagram account, Unicorn Graveyard, and when I saw they were selling this Boy Meets World t-shirt in my size, I had to purchase it.
The Unicorn Graveyard is an Instagram account run by two friends that sell all kinds of fantastic clothing. The clothes range from dresses to sweaters, and t-shirts to skirts. All of these items are all very colorful, which I love. The clothing they sell has awesome patterns on them and comes in a variety of sizes.
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 9.33.37 AM.png
All you have to do to purchase an article of clothing from the Unicorn Graveyard is direct message them on Instagram about the piece you want. They will e-mail you an invoice, if the item is still available, and you must pay via Paypal within 24 hours. Β 
Purchasing this Boy Meets World shirt was very quick and simple. They shipped it to me very fast in a cool purple package and they even sent some cute stickers! The Unicorn Graveyard has a ton of awesome clothing, so if you are on Instagram definitely follow them!
I styled my new t-shirt in a fun, casual way. Since the temperatures have dropped, I cannot wear a t-shirt by itself, so I wore a long black cardigan over it. This cardigan goes with so many outfits and it has pockets.
To add some color to my outfit I wore a pair of royal blue jeans that matched the blue in my shirt. I finished this look off with a good old pair of Converse and black and white sunglasses.
I am so happy I found this shirt through the Unicorn Graveyard and that it fits so well. I love wearing graphic tees with my favorite things on them, such as my favorite T.V. show. I have never seen a Boy Meets World shirt before, which what makes this Instagram account so unique. They find clothing items that you do not see every day. You can check out their awesome account by clicking here.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Necklace- Hunt & Orchard
T-Shirt- The Unicorn Graveyard
Cardigan- Delia’s
Jeans- Celebrity Pink Jeans
Shoes- Converse
-Caroline πŸ™‚

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