Baseball Tees and Sneakers

One of my favorite looks to wear during the spring is a baseball tee paired with some sneakers! Baseball tees are one of my favorite type of shirts and I have a variety of them ranging from band ones to bold colored ones. Baseball tees are such a classic look and the three quarter sleeves make them perfect for the spring! It can still be chilly during the spring but you can throw on a leather or denim jacket over your baseball tee and you are good to go!
For this look I decided to wear a leather jacket instead of a denim one. The black leather matched better with this look. I paired my baseball tee with my blue, studded, ripped jeans from Material Girl and my black converse. I also decided to wear my red Ray-Bans to match the red in my baseball tee.
This baseball tee from Pierce the Veil is one of my favorites. I purchased it at one of their concerts many years ago and I still get a lot of wear out of it. Some other bands do sell baseball tees at their concerts but other times you can find them online or at Hot Topic. Baseball tees are not hard to find in stores and you can style them with jeans, capris, or even shorts! They can also be styled with a variety of colors. IMG_0413.jpg
This causal look can be worn anywhere and is super easy to put together. You can have fun playing with different types and colors of baseball tees, jeans, and sneakers! Get ready because warm spring weather is coming and I am super excited to be wearing this look instead of boots and sweaters!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Baseball Tee- Pierce The Veil
Jacket- Material Girl
Jeans- Material Girl
Shoes- Converse
-Caroline 🙂


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