Baby It's Cold Outside

Here we are in the middle of winter and it is FREEZING!!! Fortunately, I have found some awesome jackets this winter that I wanted to share with everyone. Not only have they kept me very warm but they are fashionable as well!
This first winter jacket I got for my birthday back in November and have been wearing it ever since. It is the Betsey Johnson Pillow-Collar Puffer Coat in Black.
This coat is super warm and matches everything. The length of this coat is perfect as well. I have found between the length of this Betsey Johnson coat versus a coat that stops at hip length, this Betsey Johnson coat keeps me a lot warmer. The pockets on this coat are deep with cheetah heart zippers and they are in the perfect location. The buttons on the pockets are just a decoration but I like them because it adds a little something to the coat. I also really love the belt on this coat. The belt clips together with ease and it is removable so if you do not like it you do not have to wear it. I think it definitely adds some style to the coat and it gives you some shape when wearing a puffy coat. The pillow-collar keeps your neck very warm as well. It would not be a Betsey Johnson piece without a crazy pattern so in normal Betsey style the inside lining of the coat is cheetah print with roses! This definitely makes it a Betsey Johnson coat and adds unique style to a typical winter coat. Overall I would highly recommend this coat because it is super warm, fashionable and fun! Unfortunately this coat is no longer available on her website but you can find it on
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Coat- Betsey Johnson Pillow-Collar Puffer Coat
Jeans- Delia’s
Shoes- Mossimo Supply
This next jacket is not only perfect for the winter but also perfect for the rain! For awhile I was trying to find a rain jacket that would work in the winter. I have two rain jackets but they are both really thin and way better for rain in the spring and summer. I finally found the perfect one this year from Uniqlo and it is the Women’s Fleece Lined Parka! goods_05_128220
I got it for Christmas in this color grey and I love it! I wanted a neutral color because I have a lot of colored and patterned jeans that I wanted it to match. I am glad I received gray because I have a lot of black jackets. This fleece lined parka is waterproof, very light and very warm; everything you need on a rainy winter day! It has two pockets with zippers and a hood. The inside of the parka is super comfy because as the title says it is fleece lined. goods_128220_sub7
The fit of this parka is very good because you can still wear a warm winter sweater under it and not feel constricted. I have already worn this parka a few times and love it! I would highly recommend it for the rainy, winter days and you can even wear it in the spring or fall. It is super lightweight and very comfy. This fleece lined parka is currently available on Uniqlo’s website on sale and it comes in six different colors.
The last jacket that is perfect for this winter is also from Uniqlo and currently available on their website. It is the Women’s Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket, and I have it in this blue. goods_62_127499
I’ve seen a lot of ultra light down jackets this season and I totally understand why. This jacket is so lightweight it’s not even funny. When I left the store with it in my shopping bag, the bag literally felt empty! Not only is it super lightweight but It is also a very comfortable jacket. This ultra light down compact jacket has snap buttons down the front of it and is a crew neck style. It is also water-repellent and comes with a compact pouch that you can put the jacket in! The pouch is perfect for packing if you want to bring this jacket on a vacation or weekend trip. It is also perfect because you can keep the jacket in it’s pouch and just keep it in your car for when you need it! This jacket comes in nine different colors and I decided on the blue. I think this shade of blue is unique and I don’t have many articles of clothing in this shade. I also felt that it would match a lot of my colored jeans. This jacket also has pockets but no hood, which is ok because it changes it up from the typical hooded jacket.
Those are my three favorite jackets this winter and I will probably be posting how I styled the two Uniqlo ones in the future. All of these jackets are still available online so get them while you can to keep yourself warm!
-Caroline 🙂


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