Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I dress up in costume every year. Most of the time, I already know what I’m going to be for Halloween a year ahead of time! For the past few years, my brother, boyfriend, and I have done a small group costumes for Halloween. These easy small group Halloween costumes are simple to put together with items you might already own or items that are easy to purchase.

Today I am going to share three easy small group Halloween costumes that might help you decide on a costume this year. You can pull off these costumes with as little as two people, but you can definitely have three or more people dress up with these costume ideas.

Charlie brown, Schroeder, and linus

Last year for Halloween (2017), we dressed up as Charlie Brown, Schroeder, and Linus. There are a variety of ways you can dress up as The Peanuts Gang, which makes this easy small group Halloween costume great!

Easy Small Group Halloween

My brother was Charlie Brown. He already had black jeans and a long sleeve yellow shirt. All he had to do for this costume was draw the zig-zag pattern on his shirt. You can do this with a fabric marker or a brown sharpie.

My boyfriend was Schroeder. He also already had black jeans and a black t-shirt. Instead of drawling the stripes on his shirt, we used purple duck tape to create them. Again though, this can also be done with a purple fabric marker, sharpie, or even fabric paint.

I was Linus for Halloween. I already had black jeans and a red and black striped shirt. We also had a blue blanket in our house that I carried around.

The Peanuts Gang Halloween

If you and your friends are looking to dress up as some of The Peanuts Gang, you might not need to purchase much for these costumes. The only thing that was purchased for our costume was the purple duck tape. If you need a solid colored shirt, you can always purchase that and a fabric marker at a craft store.

The Peanuts Gang is an easy small group Halloween costume that anyone can do. Even if you only have two people, you can still dress up as Peanuts characters. Since there are so many characters in The Peanuts Gang, it works with a large group as well.

Rocket Power-reggie and squid

For Halloween two years ago (2016), my boyfriend and I dressed up as Reggie and Squid from the Nickelodeon cartoon, Rocket Power. This is another easy small group Halloween costume that can be done with only two people.

Rocket Power- Easy Halloween

My boyfriend was Squid and he did not need to purchase anything for this costume. He already had jeans and a yellow t-shirt. He wore the t-shirt inside out since it did have a logo on it. To make the  “N” that is on Squid’s shirt, we just drew it out on a piece of paper, colored it, cut it out, and taped it to his shirt. You could also draw the design directly on the shirt with a fabric marker.

Reggie From Rocket Power Halloween

I was Reggie and I only purchased purple hair spray for this costume. I already had camo jeans, which if you don’t they are pretty easy to find in stores or online and I also had a plain purple t-shirt. We drew and taped the design onto my shirt as well. We sprayed my hair purple but you could also use a purple wig for her hair. I already had the sunglasses and skateboard, but the skateboard is not completely necessary for this costume.

Rocket Power

Rocket Power is another easy small group Halloween costume that can be done with as little as two people. If you have four people, you can create the whole gang. If you have more than four people, you can even add in some of the other characters from the show.

Legends of the hidden temple

On Halloween in 2015, my boyfriend and I were the Blue Barracudas team from the Nickelodeon show, Legends of the Hidden Temple. This was one of my favorite shows growing up, so I was very excited about this costume. Legends of the Hidden Temple teams are a very easy small group Halloween costume that again can be done with just two people.

I already had a Blue Barracudas shirt, so my boyfriend did purchase one. You can find them on many sites though such as Etsy, Temple Shirts, and Amazon. We already had the helmets and shorts that we wore. You can use a helmet that you already have, and if you don’t have khaki shorts, black would work too.

Blue Barracudas- easy small group

My boyfriend did order the Pendants of Life for us when we bought the shirts but these can be made at home as well. You could always print out a picture of one and glue it to a piece of round cardboard. As for our elbow and knee pads, we just tied pieces of black fabric around our elbows and knees. We didn’t have elbow and knee pads and we didn’t think it was totally necessary to purchase them.

Legends of the Hidden Temple is another great easy small group Halloween costume. If you have more than two people, you can dress up as different teams.

Easy Small Group Halloween

The Peanuts Gang, Rocket Power, and Legends of the Hidden Temple were some of my favorite costumes. They were easy to put together with items we already had, items we made, or small items that we purchased. All three of these costumes are great easy small group Halloween costumes that anyone can do.

I hope I have given you some Halloween costume inspiration if not for this year, definitely for next year! Happy Halloween!

-Caroline 🙂


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