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Last month I was going through my closet at home and found this awesome brown leather coat! I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I asked my mom where this jacket came from and come to find out my dad bought this for my mom in the 80s! My dad was on a business trip in Tijuana and saw this beautiful leather coat for my mom. She has not worn it in a long time so now I get to wear it!


This leather coat is very warm and a lot of fun to style. I did not have a brown coat before this one so I was really happy to add this to my collection. For this look, I went with a southwestern vibe and styled my coat with my new pair of Toms.


I got these boots for my birthday and they are extremely comfortable and warm. I absolutely love all the colors and the pattern on these boots. They remind me of being in Santa Fe, New Mexico over the summer.


Styling these boots can be tricky since they are very colorful. So far I have styled them with royal blue and teal pants. The teal pants really pop well against the boots. As for the top of my outfit, I just wore a black long sleeve shirt under a black cardigan.


I kept the southwestern theme going with my accessories. I wore this beautiful stone pendant necklace and a turquoise and red stone bracelet.


I am still delighted that I came across this coat in my closet. It is vintage from the 80s, leather, and fits great. You never know what you might find in your closets back home!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Top- Forever 21

Jeans- Delia’s

Coat- Vintage

Boots- Toms

-Caroline 🙂


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