I have been a huge Rachel Zoe fan for many years now. I loved her reality show when it was on T.V. and I re-watch episodes of it all the time. I love her style, how she styles other people, and her clothing line. I have know about her Box of Style subscription for awhile now but never signed up. I finally decided to sign up this fall and I’m so happy I did!


In this look I styled two pieces that came in the fall Box of Style, the leather Gatsby Wrap Belt, and the Tassel Bracelet. This denim dress came with a belt, but I wanted to mix it up and style my new belt from the Box of Style with it. This wrap belt is very easy to tie and style. I do not have any belt loops on this dress, but that was not a problem. I wrapped this tassel belt around twice and tied it in a knot. The belt stayed on all day with no worries! Since this belt is black it will match any look and it is a great accessory to spice up your outfit with. The Gatsby Wrap Belt also gave this dress some structure.


I decided to wear black flats to match my black Gatsby Wrap Belt. As for my other accessories, I kept black and gold a running theme throughout this look. The zippers on the back of my flats are gold, so I kept my jewelry gold as well. This was also the perfect opportunity for me to style my new gold Tassel Bracelet from Rachel Zoe! The Tassel Bracelet is from Rachel’s own collection which is awesome! It is so easy to wear and style. This bracelet can be worn by itself or stacked with other bracelets. I decided to let this bracelet stand for itself. I am so excited to finally own a piece from Rachel Zoe’s collection.


This outfit is a lot of fun to wear on warmer fall days. I can also style this dress with a pair of leggings, booties, and the sleeves rolled down on a cooler fall day. If you have been thinking about subscribing to the Box of Style for awhile but have not done it yet, I would highly recommend doing so. I love every piece that came in the fall Box of Style and I will be posting about the other products from that box soon! This belt and bracelet can be worn all year with many different looks. Click here if you are interested in signing up because the winter Box of Style will be shipping before you know it!



Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Dress- Cloth and Stone

Belt- B-Low The Belt

Bracelet- Rachel Zoe

Shoes- Material Girl

-Caroline 🙂


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