Coffee Break


I visited Columbia South Carolina over the weekend to participate in a classical guitar festival and competition. While I was there I was able to style two of my favorite pieces for the summer! I purchased this Starbucks cropped tank top last fall so I was not able to style it with summer clothing. Since this tank top is cropped it is great to wear with a pair of crazy shorts and this way the shorts will not be covered up by a long t-shirt or tank top! IMG_3891.jpg

Not only does this tank top have one of my favorite places on it, Starbucks, it is also super comfortable! Since it is white it is easy to style with many different colors of shorts. I purchased this tank top from Freshtops which also has a lot of other great shirts as well.

These multi-colored shorts from Forever 21 are definitely one of my favorite pairs of shorts that I own. I purchased them a few summers ago and they are still one of my favorite pairs of shorts to wear! I always have fun finding new ways of styling these shorts. I always try and wear cropped or shorter shorts with them so you can see all the different colors in these shorts.


Underneath cropped shirts I always like to wear a solid color tank top. I wore a light yellow tank top underneath this cropped top to match the little bit of yellow in my shorts. This look is just one of the many ways you can style crazy shorts and tank tops this summer! If I am wearing pattern shorts I like to keep my top a solid color. This can always be flipped though and if you have a pattern top you can pair it with some solid colored shorts!


I would definitely recommend checking out Freshtops for some awesome shirts this summer! Try getting creative this summer by styling pairs of fun patterned shorts! Shorts like the ones in my outfit are my favorite during the summer because they are so much fun to wear! They are also unique and you do not see them worn as much as regular solid colored shorts. If you cannot wear them during the week due to work attire, definitely try styling a pair of fun shorts on the weekend! Unfortunately summer is not all year long so take advantage of the warm weather and fun style while you can!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Starbucks Tank Top- Freshtops

Shorts- Forever 21

Sandals- Material Girl

-Caroline 🙂

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