I Remember T-Shirt Weather, I Remember Some Days 

This look features another pair of shorts I purchased from Express a few months ago. These shorts are a great length for the workplace and they have a super fun paisley pattern on them. Usually for these types of shorts I like to style them with a flowing blouse but I decided to switch it up and style these shorts with a v-neck t-shirt!

I decided to wear a grey v-neck since there is a little bit of grey found in the pattern of these shorts. I also liked how the grey looked against the pink background of the shorts. I wore my v-neck tucked in so it did not look sloppy covering up these pretty shorts. I was considering wearing a thin belt but there are actually no belt loops on these shorts! 

This look was a lot of fun to wear and it is a great alternative if you do not want to wear a flowing blouse with nicer shorts. Solid color v-neck t-shirts are not hard to come by and they can be purchased at basically any store. This look can be put together with many different patterned shorts and solid color v-necks. An outfit like this would also be great for going out at night, all you might want to do is throw a cardigan and you are good to go! Do not be afraid to try juxtaposing two different items together, such as nicer dress shorts and a v-neck t-shirt, to create laid back, put together summer look! 

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

V-neck- Forever 21

Shorts- Express

Sandals- Material Girl 

-Caroline 🙂

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