Summer Style


Summer fashion for me usually consists of bold shorts, fun sandals, and bright tank tops and blouses. Depending on the occasion I will also wear a fun summer dress. However, there is one article of clothing that I seem to forget to wear in the summer, skirts! I definitely do not own as many skirts as I do shorts but I still have a few that I always forget to style during the summer. I am not sure if this is because I am just used to wearing shorts but this summer I am gong to try and wear more of my skirts!


I purchased this white skirt from Delia’s before their store closed a few years ago. I bought it thinking “it is always great to have a white skirt in your closet”, which I still agree with. I think the problem is I need to find more ways to style it! This past week I felt like styling a skirt, so I chose to style my outfit around this white one that I need to wear more often!


For this look I wanted to stick with a light, flowing, delicate theme. I knew this light blue lace top would pair perfectly with my flowing white skirt. Underneath my top I wore a light purple tank top to throw a different color into the mix, but I stuck with a light color to match the theme of my outfit. I did not want to do anything too crazy with my accessories. I wore white studded galaxy sandals and a pair of purple sunglasses. I kept my jewelry simple with a silver key necklace and a silver skull Betsey Johnson bracelet.


A white skirt is such a perfect piece of clothing to wear during the summer and I definitely need to style it a lot more! You can dress it up or down and wear it for many different occasions. I have a few other fun skirts that would be good for summer that I need to try to style more.

If you are like me and have some skirts that you want to wear more often, give them a try this summer! Or if you are the opposite and have more shorts you want to wear, try styling them more too! Fashion is all about fun and expressing yourself and some days you might feel like wearing a skirt! Always remember to have fun and stay true to what you like to wear, but do not be afraid to take risks! Also try to not fall into a fashion runt by styling the same pieces over and over again. If you wear a lot of shorts like me, take a risk and style a skirt a few times a week!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Blue Lace Top- Forever 21

Skirt- Delia’s

Sandals- Wild Diva Lounge

-Caroline 🙂

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