Split Personality


I have posted many times before about how much I love baseball tees! I especially love wearing them in the spring with a good pair of Converse. Another way to spice up a baseball tee is to wear a pair of bold pants with them. Sometimes it can be tricky pairing a baseball tee with a bold pair of pants, so for this look I opted for a more subtle pair of bold pants.


I purchased these purple and black split jeans from Hot Topic a few years ago. I have a few other pairs of split jeans but this is the only pair that is split front and back instead of side to side. I really enjoy these pants because they are deceiving. By looking at the front of these pants you would think they are purple and if you look at the back you think they are black. This makes these pants a lot of fun to wear and I love how different they are because you definitely do not see these everyday!


Split jeans can be difficult to style but a black and white baseball tee totally works with these pants! I kept the two color theme going throughout my outfit. Not only are my pants two colors but so are my sunglasses, baseball shirt, and shoes. Black and white was also a theme throughout this outfit with the added pop of purple in my pants.


This baseball tee is another one from Pierce The Veil. I purchased this one at another one of their concerts. This baseball tee is fun and easy to wear and perfect for the spring! I also like that this baseball tee is a little lose fitting so I could balance out my outfit with a pair of tight skinny jeans and a lose fitting shirt.


Split jeans are a lot of fun to wear and I’m pretty sure Hot Topic still sells them. I have also seen them on Trip NYC’s website as well. Split jeans are one of those pieces of clothing that make you think “how am I going to wear this?!” but there are many ways you can style them. One way is like I did with a black and white baseball tee! Another way to style them is with a solid, neutral top. Styling them can depend on the colors in the jeans and which way they are split but there is always a way to style them! If you love bold pants I would definitely recommend adding a pair of spilt jeans into your collection if you have not already! They are so much fun to wear and style!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Shirt- Pierce The Veil

Jeans- Royal Bones by Daang

Shoes- Converse

-Caroline 🙂

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