I have finally added a pair of galaxy jeans to my collection! I have wanted a pair for a while and saw them on Tripp NYC’s website for a pretty penny a few years ago. After I purchased my galaxy shorts, which you can read about here, I thought it would be awesome if they made the galaxy print shorts as pants. Not too long after that I was shopping around Hot Topic and spotted these galaxy jeans on a rack! I was so excited that I’m pretty sure I gasped out loud in the store! I immediately tried them on, loved them, and could not wait to style them!


This was my first time wearing these galaxy jeans and I already have many more ideas on how I want to style them. Obviously the jeans are the focal point of the outfit so I paired them with a simple white t-shirt. It was a little chilly at times so I wore my cropped leather jacket as well.


As for my accessories I wanted to keep the galactic theme running throughout the outfit. I wore my purple Ray-Bans to match the purple in my pants. I also wore a purple star necklace to continue the theme. I wanted to keep my shoes subtle since my pants were bold, so I wore my black converse sneakers.

Not only do these jeans have an awesome pattern all over them, they are also super comfortable! They also have three buttons on them instead of having one, but they are not difficult to button or unbutton. There are so many ways these jeans can be styled and they can be worn all year long!


I am so excited to finally own a pair of galaxy jeans! I am also excited to experiment with them and try out the different ways I want to style them! I believe these jeans and shorts are still currently still available at Hot Topic so if you ever wanted a pair now is your chance to check them out!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Shirt- Delia’s

Jacket- Material Girl

Jeans- LoveSick (Hot Topic)

Shoes- Converse

-Caroline 🙂

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