When you hear the word blazer some thoughts such as: the jacket to a pant suit, part of a men’s suit, wedding attire, or business attire might pop into your head. Blazers however are so much more than that. Yes many blazers are worn to offices, meetings, and fancy events, but blazers can also be funky and worn casually.


I am a big fan of wearing blazers causally during everyday life. I have a few bold blazers that I enjoy dressing up and down, such as this bright coral one from Material Girl. My mom got me this blazer many years ago and I still love styling it! Material Girl always has a great selection of unique blazers that can be styled many different ways. I went for more of a causal look with this blazer but it can totally be dressed up! IMG_0550.jpg

Not only do I love the color of this blazer but I also love the black and white stripes on the inside of the sleeves. These sleeves can be styled rolled up or down. If you roll them up you will expose the awesome pattern that is inside the sleeves. I love to show off this part of the blazer so I always wear the sleeves rolled up! IMG_0541.jpg

Since this blazer is obviously very bold, I kept the rest of my outfit pretty simple yet funky. I wore a plain white t-shirt underneath the blazer and topped it off with one of my favorite Betsey Johnson necklaces. As for my jeans I decided on my zipper ones from Material Girl. The zippers on the front and bottoms of these jeans actually work which makes them even cooler! I also like that the zippers are still visible when the blazer is buttoned. IMG_0508.jpg

For one last pop of color I wore my bright blue Ray-Bans since they pair well against the coral blazer. I decided to do a little pattern mixing between the stripes on my sleeves and my shoes! I wanted to wear black shoes but I added a little pop by wearing black shoes with skulls all over them!



This look was a lot of fun to wear and blazers will be even more fun to wear when it starts to get warmer out! I love bold blazers like this one because it shows you that you can wear a dressy item but still have fun with it! This blazer can definitely be dressed up for workwear or for a fancy event. Even though it is very bold that does not mean you cannot make it your own! This look also shows that blazers do not have to just be for work or fancy events, they can be for causal days out! Material Girl currently has some other bold blazers available at Macy’s so make sure to check them out!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Necklace- Betsey Johnson

Blazer- Material Girl

Shirt- Forever 21

Jeans- Material Girl

Shoes- Betsey Johnson

-Caroline 🙂


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