As the title of this post suggests, this look includes a few of my favorite things! Some of these items are zippers, studs, and the color blue! 


I purchased these grey, destressed, acid wash jeans from Material Girl a few years ago. I have not worn them recently and I have no idea why! When I was picking out my outfit for the day I decided to break out these jeans and style the rest of my outfit around them! 

Since these jeans have thick zipper details on both back pockets, I like to wear a banded bottom shirt with it so you can see the zippers. I also have a purple shirt just like this blue one that I like to pair with these jeans. A cropped shirt would work fine too.

These jeans are full of awesome details! Not only are they acid wash but they have stiching around them, rips, and zipper details! 

Not only are these jeans awesome looking but they feel very comfortable too!

Since I have a bold shirt and jeans paired together, I decided to keep my accessories simple. I wore a black statement necklace and a silver studded bracelet.

I also wore black boots to keep my footware simple.


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Shirt- Delia’s

Jeans-Material Girl

Boots- Mossimo Supply Co

-Caroline 🙂


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