I recently got a few items from Lord and Taylor that I am very excited to style! A few of the items I will not be able to wear until it is warmer out, however one of the items I was able to style right away!


This is super cool, long sleeve star blouse is perfect for many different times of the year. This blouse is sheer so it will not keep you warm. I did wear this a few weeks ago when it was cold out and I made sure to wear a heavy jacket over it. This blouse will be great to wear during the spring and fall and maybe even on a summer night!


The star print all over this blouse is what attracted me to it right away. It fits perfectly and can be dressed up or down. I went for a causal look here but you can also dress this blouse up a lot more! Not only do I love the star pattern on this blouse but I also love the lace trimming at the bottom!


I love this idea of adding a different fabric and pattern to the bottom of this blouse. Having the lace at the bottom definitely adds a unique look to this blouse as well. When I was styling this blouse I decided to stick to my true edgy style. I paired it against some studded ripped jeans and black studded boots. I really like how the blue jeans looked against this star blouse, giving it a midnight sky vibe. IMG_9660.jpg

I am looking forward to styling this blouse in the spring and not having to hide it under a winter jacket. I am also going to have fun seeing what other colors I can pair with this blouse. I do not shop in Lord and Taylor often because I have not had much luck finding clothes I like there. After finding this blouse and a few other items though I will definitely be checking there more often!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Blouse- Design Lab Lord and Taylor

Jeans- Material Girl

Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.

-Caroline 🙂

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