Even thought it is March it is still unfortunately cold here πŸ™ The weather is supposed to get warmer soon but until then I need to stay warm! For this post I wanted to share three jackets that have been keeping me warm all winter and how I style them!

This first jacket is from Kensie and my mom got it for me a year or two ago.


One of my favorite things about this jacket is the color. This is the only light colored jacket I have and I love it! Since it is a cream color it matches many outfits. This jacket can be styled against many different colors of jeans and it can be styled with casual or dressy outfits. I also love wearing long jackets in the winter because they keep you warmer.


Another feature I love about this jacket is all of the zippers on it! I love zippers on clothing and the great thing about all of these zippers is they actually work! The two zippers on the top of the jacket really are pockets. This jacket adds a polished look to any outfit and I like paring it with gold jewelry to match the gold zippers.

The second jacket that I have been wearing a lot this winter is from Calvin Klein.


I got this jacket many years ago and at first I did not like it. I have no idea why I did not like it but now I love it and wear it all the time! This is another jacket that can be worn with causal clothing or to a fancy event. I have worn this jacket to the mall and to a wedding so it works both ways! I like this Calvin Klein jacket for the same reason I like the cream Kensie jacket, zippers!! I love the zipper details on this jacket as well.

The neat feature about the zippers on this jacket is they go all the way around the jacket.


This jacket also keeps me warm and it easy to style with many different colors!



The last jacket I will be talking about today is one from one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson!


I have such a fun time styling this jacket and I was so happy when I got it for Christmas last year! I love the overall look of this jacket from the zippers to the grey and black fabric, to the black square patches and the buttons!


Since this jacket hits at the hips I do not like wearing it with longer clothing. I do like that this is a normal length jacket because I do have quite a few long jackets. This jacket is very warm and just like the other ones it can be dressed up or down. I like that this jacket has silver details instead of gold like the other two jackets.Β IMG_9625.jpg

Another feature I like about this jacket is that it has two different colors running through the fabric, which is something you do not see very often. Since these two colors are grey and black this jacket still matches a lot of different colors.


Even though these jackets might be hard to find now, I have seen many winter jackets on sale at Macy’s recently. Macy’s carries a lot of different brands and I’m sure they have jackets similar to mine there. I know Macy’s also had a lot of winter jackets from Betsey Johnson so I would definitely recommend checking there!

Stay warm!

-Caroline πŸ™‚


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