Black, Grey, and Burgundy All Over


Ever since I purchased these burgundy jeans from Delia’s back in the fall I have been having a lot of fun styling them! I have styled these jeans in the fall with long kimonos and throughout the winter with ponchos. For this look I decided to style these burgundy jeans with a super comfortable sweater from Material Girl!


I really enjoy pairing neutral colors such as black, grey, white, and camel against burgundy jeans. I decided to stick to two neutral colors for this look. I knew I wanted to wear these jeans with this grey sweater so I styled everything else around these two items. After I picked out a black shirt to wear underneath the sweater, I decided to keep my shoes black as well to tie the whole look together.


After I put my outfit on I could tell something was missing from it. I realized this outfit needed a hat to go with it! I finished this look off with my black floppy hat from Express.


Burgundy is a great color to wear during the fall and winter. If you do not have a pair of burgundy jeans or a burgundy top I would definitely recommend getting one! They are very easy to style with many neutral colors such as, black, grey, white, and camel. Since you can style these jeans with many different colors, it is easy to create many different looks. I purchased my burgundy jeans from Delia’s but I’m sure stores such as Macy’s have a few pairs too. I also have a few burgundy tops that I purchased from Forever 21 and Express. A lot of stores in the mall have burgundy clothing so keep your eye out for some burgundy items the next time you are out shopping!


Hat- Express

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Grey Sweater- Material Girl

Black Shirt- Forever 21

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.

-Caroline 🙂


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