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I am very happy to announce The Poppy Skull’s first collaboration of 2016 with Mirina Collections! Last month I was asked to join their ambassador program and I’m very happy I did! I went onto their website, http://www.mirinacollections.com, and picked out this beautiful necklace called “Marley”! Mirina Collections is family owned and operated and they do not mass produce their collection. Since they are not mass produced it will take you a few weeks to receive your necklace but it is totally worth the wait!

When I received my envelope in the mail I just assumed I was going to open it and the necklace was going to be in there… I was wrong! I tore open the envelope to find this beautifully wrapped package covered in a very pretty shade of teal tissue paper!


I am a sucker for nice packaging and Mirina Collections did a fanatic job presenting their necklace! Not only was it wrapped very nicely but it was tied with a matching ribbon around it!


After I untied the ribbon and unwrapped the tissue paper I found the necklace I ordered carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.


I was very happy to see that Mirina Collections took the time to make sure my necklace was protected while it was being mailed to me. After unwrapping the bubble wrap I found my beautiful necklace!


This necklace is definitely my style and I love the matte black finish of the chain. The jewels are beautiful and I love the row of hearts at the top of the necklace! This necklace does have a little weight to it but it is not super heavy.


All of the details on each row of the necklace also makes it extremely beautiful and unique!


I was so excited after I unwrapped my necklace that I had to try it on right away!


Another great feature about this necklace is it looks great with any color because it is black! I especially like how it looks against the bright blue color of my sweater! This necklace is also great because it can be dressed up or down! I have already worn this necklace a few times with some casual outfits but it will definitely be a great accessory with evening wear as well!


I would definitely recommend any necklace from Mirina Collections! They have a lot of wonderful necklaces on their website that can be paired with any style! Definitely check out their website, http://www.mirinacollections.com, and if you see a few things you like make sure to use my coupon code: mirinagirls while checking out to receive 20% off your order! Let me know what you think and happy shopping!

-Caroline 🙂


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