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I am and always will be a huge fan of bright, bold, colored jeans! I have been wearing bright colored jeans for many, many years and will probably never stop wearing them. Bright colored jeans can be tricky to style so I understand why some people might shy away from wearing them. I styled this look over the weekend and it is a fun way to wear bright colored jeans with an edge!


I wanted to wear my red jeans this past weekend since it was the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Red jeans can be worn at anytime though and not just for Valentine’s Day. After picking out my red jeans I knew I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple. I decided to wear a white long sleeve shirt with these jeans. To keep this look interesting I threw on a vest from Material Girl.


I have had this vest of a few years and it never gets old. It matches so many outfits and has a beautiful lace pattern on the back of it. Adding a vest to an outfit is something I like to do because it is different and fun to wear!  IMG_9146.jpg

To pull this whole look together I wore a pair of black studded boots and black and white Ray-Bans. As for my jewelry, I wore this beautiful necklace from Mirina Collections! I recently got this necklace and have been loving it! It is totally my style and so much fun to wear! This necklace makes such a bold statement yet you can dress it up or down. I wore this necklace with a causal outfit but it can definitely be worn to a dressy occasion.


This specific necklace is called “Marley” and Mirina Collections has ton of other beautiful necklaces on their website. You can check out their website here: If you see anything you like while you are checking out their website make sure to use the coupon code: mirinagirls for 20% off your order!


Another great feature about this look is you can substitute any color of jeans with this outfit. This look would work with blue, purple, pink, and pretty much any other color of jeans. This is just one of the many ways I have styled colored jeans, by pairing neutrals around the bright jeans. Definitely do not be afraid to try styling some bright colored jeans! You can even start out with lighter or pastel colored jeans instead of a bright, bold color.


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Long Sleeve Shirt- Forever 21

Vest- Material Girl

Necklace- Mirina Collections

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots-Mossimo Supply Co.

-Caroline 🙂


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