Funny Valentine


Even though Valentine’s Day is over that does not mean we have to stop wearing clothing with hearts on it! This post features my outfit from Valentine’s Day and how I took a feminine piece of clothing and added some edge to it!

If you know me and have been following The Poppy Skull, you will know that I do not wear a lot of super girly-girly outfits. My style has never been super girly but over the years I have found ways to incorporate more feminine pieces into my style. One of the fun parts of fashion is finding a piece of clothing you like but might not normally wear, and adding your own twist to it!


I purchased this bright hearts sweater from Delia’s many years ago. I knew I wanted to wear it on Valentine’s Day but I wanted to add my own edge to it. To add some edge to this shrunken hearts sweater, I paired it with some leather pants and black studded boots. I also added a white tank top underneath the sweater. As for accessories, I wore a Betsey Johnson skull necklace and a brand new Betsey Johnson skull bangle that my boyfriend gave me for Valentine’s Day! I love this new bracelet so much and it is going to pair very well with many of my outfits!


This sweater is not only great to wear during the month of February but it will also be great to wear in the spring! I was a bit chilly at times wearing this sweater since it is a shrunken sweater with three-quarter sleeves. It will be a lot more fun to style in the spring when it is warmer out!


Do not be afraid to try and wear a new piece of clothing that might be slightly out of your comfort zone. I do not wear a lot of pink or clothing with hearts all over it. However, I really like this sweater and found a way to customize it with my own personal style. Next time you see an item in a store that might be unusual for you to wear, take a few minutes to think about how you could incorporate it into your own style before you walk away from it!


Shrunken Sweater-Delia’s

Tank Top- Forever 21

Pants- Material Girl

Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.

Necklace and Bracelet- Betsey Johnson

-Caroline 🙂


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