Winter Crystals


Last week I was really in the mood to go shopping, (well when am I not in the mood to go shopping…) so I checked out one of my local malls on Friday night. It was not that crowded which is perfect for browsing into many different stores. I was totally ready to find some great deals and to buy some end of season pieces! Unfortunately I was let down and only left with ONE item!!

I feel like this time of year is a weird time for fashion. It is still winter and still cold out but I cannot seem to find anything new to buy. Nothing was really catching my eye. After buying clothes before and right after Christmas I am usually ready for some spring fashion! However I did not see many items for the spring so I guess I will have to go back to the mall in a few weeks (oh darn ;).

The one item I ended up leaving the mall with was a poncho from Express! If you have been keeping up with The Poppy Skull, you know that I have developed a slight poncho obsession! There were not many ponchos left at Express and I had to dig through quite a few bins to find this one!



Just like the other two ponchos I own from Express, this one is very warm and cozy. This poncho just drapes around you like a big blanket. After having this poncho for a few days I knew exactly how I wanted to style it! I wanted to keep the top of my outfit grey to match the grey in the poncho but I wanted to add a pop of color in my pants.


This poncho has a little bit of sparkle to it so I decided to pair it with these Tiffany blue sparkle jeans from Delia’s! Combining the sparkle in the poncho against the sparkle in the jeans just made me feel inspired by a beautiful, snowy, sparkling winter wonderland scene.



I continued the light color theme I had going on by pairing my camel boots and light purple Ray-Bans with this look. This outfit was a lot of fun to wear and it kept me warm all day. I have a few other ideas of how I want to style this poncho and I am excited to try them out! If you like this poncho definitely check out your local Express soon because they do not have many left!IMG_8919.jpg


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Poncho- Express

Shirt- Forever 21

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots- Candies

Necklace- Betsey Johnson

-Caroline 🙂

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