During all this snow and cold winter weather I decided to add a pop of color to my outfit this week! I also had fun styling this super warm and cozy vest from Material Girl! I have a few different types of vests in my closet and I tend to forget to style them every once in awhile. This vest kept me warm all day so it is perfect for the cold weather. However, I did still wear a jacket over my outfit. 

  I knew I wanted to wear my camel boots with this outfit and I decided to style a matching hat with it as well! I like how the outfit comes together with matching camel accessories on the top and bottom of this look. 


 This look was warm and fun to wear! It is nice to remember that even though you have to dress warm in the winter, you can still add pops of colors throughout your outfit. Vests are also a great item to help keep you warm in the winter. There are many vests that can be worn as outerwear too. I prefer incorporate my vests into my outfit. That way it mixes up your look and gives you a different item to style! 


Hat- Express

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Shirt- Delia’s

Vest- Material Girl

Jeans- Delia’s 

Boots- Candies

-Caroline 🙂


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