I am not a fan of the cold winter months, however, thanks to my new found poncho obsession I can stay warm! This is another poncho from Express that my boyfriend got me for Christmas and I cannot get enough of it! This poncho is open and just wraps around you. Wearing this poncho is basically like wearing a blanket all day!


When I was styling this look I obviously knew that the poncho was going to be the focus of the outfit. Since this poncho is bigger and longer than my other one, I knew my clothing underneath of it would not be seen that much. I kept my clothes simple underneath this poncho by wearing a black long sleeve shirt and a pair of black leather pants.


The pattern of this poncho is so awesome and very southwestern just like my black and white poncho that can be seen here! Not only do I love the pattern on this poncho but I also love the fringe detail at the bottom of it.


To match my leather pants I decided to wear my leather boots as well. These boots were also not a distraction to the poncho because they are neutral black and brown colors. The only downside to this poncho is it did shed onto my black shirt. At the end of the day when I took my poncho off there was black and red lint all over it. I lint brushed my shirt before I washed it but I kind of had a feeling this poncho would shed. I do want to experiment with styling this poncho different ways. However, wearing a white shirt underneath it will probably be a bad idea because the lint will be very visible. I will have to do some research to see if there is a way to prevent this poncho from shedding!


Even though this poncho did leave a lot of lint on my shirt it was hard to see because of how much I was engulfed by the poncho. I am very excited to see all the other ways I can style this warm poncho! Not only did this poncho keep me warm but it is very stylish and a lot of fun to wear! Ponchos like this one are perfect to wear on a day where you just feel like laying around with a blanket around you all day. They are also perfect to wear on super cold days to keep you warm! This poncho will also be great to wear without a jacket once the weather warms up a bit. IMG_8677.jpg

I would definitely recommend purchasing a poncho like this one to wear during the rest of the winter! This one is currently not available on Express’ website but there are many stores that are still selling ponchos like this one! There are also different types of ponchos you can buy. This one just drapes around you and my other one goes over your head. Both types are super warm, cozy, and fun to wear!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Poncho- Express

Long Sleeve Black Shirt- Forever 21

Pants- Material Girl

Boots- Tommy Hilfiger

-Caroline 🙂



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