Skulls and Snow 

Cardigans are a must have item to wear during the fall and winter. They are very versatile and can be styled many ways. You can wear them buttoned or unbuttoned and with many different colors and washes of jeans. Cardigans not only come in many different colors and patterns but the material they are made out of also varies. I own some cardigans that are very thick and warm and others that are very sleek and thin. 


One of my favorite cardigans is a sequin skull one from Material Girl. My mom got this cardigan for me for Christmas a few years ago. I’m very happy she did because I have not seen Material Girl design another cardigan like this one. 

The sequin skulls are on both sides of the cardigan around the shoulder area. I love the colorful pattern below the skulls as well. These two simple embellishments, skulls and patterns, definitely jazz up this grey cardigan! This cardigan is definitely unique and I have not seen a similar one in any other stores. 

If you are crafty, this idea is definitely something you can do! You can purchase a plain colored cardigan and add some embellishments to the top of it or any other area really. Small patches would be a fun item to sew on or even some ribbon details. Even thought I have not seen a cardigan for sale like the one I have that does not mean you cannot design your own! 

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Cardigan- Material Girl

Black Shirt- Delia’s

Jeans- Celebrity Pink Jeans

Boots- Bearpaw

-Caroline 🙂

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