These Boots Are Made For Walking


One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boots! I have a few pairs of boots for the fall and winter but I definitely did not already have a pair of boots like these! As soon as I opened the box the scent of leather boots hit my nose and I knew I was going to love whatever was beneath the tissue paper. I unwrapped these boots from the tissue paper and immediately loved how they looked! I put them on right away (even though I was still in my pjs…) and walked around with them on. I was super excited because they fit perfectly and they were very comfortable!


The first time I wore these boots I really wanted them to stand out and be the focus of my outfit. For this look I decided to keep everything very simple with white pants and a black long sleeve shirt. However, to prevent my outfit from being too simple I styled a grey, blue, and white skull scarf from Delia’s with this look.


Since these boots are black and brown there are many ways you can style them. Even though I mainly wear colored jeans there are a few pairs that I would not style these boots with such as: burgundy, purple, red, blue, and many other bright colors. I will most likely stick to wearing neutral colored jeans with these boots, such as: white, grey, black, and maybe even traditional denim.


I have wrote before about how I love zippers as accessories, and another reason these boots are great is because of the gold zipper detail on the outside of them. The real zippers to put on and take off these boots are located on the inner side. The gold zippers add just the right amount of accessory to these boots!


I would highly recommend purchasing a pair of boots similar to these for the rest of winter. They are comfortable, stylish, and keep me pretty warm! I will not wear these in the snow or rain but I will definitely be styling them as much as I can this winter!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Shirt- Delia’s

Scarf and Gloves- Delia’s

Pants- Celebrity Pink Jeans

Boots- Tommy Hilfiger

-Caroline 🙂

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