The Big Chill


Now that it is unfortunately getting colder out it is time to start layering up for the winter! One of my favorite items to wear during the winter are long, warm cardigans. These types of cardigans are not only great for keeping you warm but, they are also great for layering and styling with many different looks.


This long grey cardigan is one of my favorite cardigans to wear in the winter. This cardigan is from Material Girl and I received it for Christmas last year. Since it is grey and black there are a lot of colors you can pair with it. For this look I decided to keep most of my outfit black and add a pop of blue in my jeans. I also chose to wear my bright orange Ray-Bans because I really like how they look against my royal blue jeans.


This cardigan is very warm and I like that there are slits on both sides of it. The slits are not super high, which I like, yet they still add something different to the cardigan. Keep your eye out for long, cozy cardigans when you are out shopping this winter! I have seen quite a few different ones at Target recently that anyone can wear! I have seen other long cardigans available in stores such as: Express, Forever 21, and Macy’s. Definitely stock up on long cardigans because it is going to be cold for awhile! 🙁


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Shirt- Mossmio Supply Co.

Cardigan- Material Girl

Jeans- Celebrity Pink Jeans

Boots- Bearpaw

Necklace- Betsey Johnson

-Caroline 🙂


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