Gold Tones


New year, new month, new clothes! I’m very excited to share some new looks from items I received for Christmas! It is starting to get cold here, which I am not a fan of, however, it does mean I get to style this new, comfy cardigan from Material Girl!


This zipper detail cardigan is very warm and comfortable. It is also very easy to style since it is a neutral gray color. Another feature I love about this cardigan is the zipper details. I love clothing and accessories with zippers on them so I immediately loved this cardigan! Not only does this cardigan have zippers on it for stylish purposes, the zippers actually work! This is a great feature because you can unzip the sides of the cardigan and add a whole new look to it!




When I was styling this look I decided to match my shirt to the black thread going throughout the cardigan. I added a pop of color to this outfit with my teal jeans.

This look also features my new favorite purse from Betsey Johnson!



My mom bought me this purse for Christmas and I have been having so much fun using it! I love the star studs on the front of it and the big bow. I also like that this purse is black so it matches a lot of outfits. This purse is also a great size and holds a lot of items. There are a few compartments in this purse as well, which I love because it helps to keep your purse organized!


Along with this purse I also got a new Betsey Johnson wallet! IMG_6971.jpg

I love her wallets because they hold so much yet they are not bulky! There are a lot of compartments for cards, cash, and coins! These wallets are also great if you are running a few quick errands and you do not want to take your entire purse with you. You can just throw in whatever money and cards you need and you are good to go!



All of these new items were a lot of fun to wear and style! You will definitely see these items again throughout the winter months being styled in many different ways!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Black Long Sleeve Shirt- Forever 21

Cardigan- Material Girl

Jeans- Delia’s

Necklace- Betsey Johnson

Purse- Betsey Johnson

Wallet- Betsey Johnson

Shoes- Betsey Johnson

-Caroline 🙂

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