Holiday Outfits


On Thanksgiving and Christmas I posted both of these outfits but I wanted to go into a little more detail about them and the inspiration behind them! Luckily for both holidays the weather was very nice so I did not have to wear a lot of layers or a heavy sweater. I do not mind heavy sweaters but it was nice to be able to dress up for the occasions without being bundled up!


This first look was worn on Thanksgiving. My two major inspirations behind this look was fall and Rachel Zoe. This outfit kind of just popped into my head a few weeks before Thanksgiving and that is how I decided on wearing it. I knew I wanted a very fall look and the camel boots and burgundy jeans definitely gave off a fall vibe. I wore this very beautiful lace kimono from Express over a white flowing top from Delia’s.


I purchased this black hat from Express a few days before Thanksgiving and I knew it would be the perfect accessory to go with my outfit! I had been looking for a hat just like this for a while and I’m so happy I have found it! Thanksgiving was my first time wearing that hat but has you have seen from posts since then I have been wearing this hat a lot! Between the hat and kimono I was definitely finding inspiration from Rachel Zoe!


Hat- Express

Kimono- Express

Shirt- Delia’s

Necklace- Betsey Johnson

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots- Candies

Believe it or not Christmas was even warmer than Thanksgiving here so I was able to wear this outfit without being cold!


Before Christmas I went out shopping for an outfit. I knew I wanted something festive and bold but I did not know what I was exactly looking for. While I was in Macy’s I found these Flocked Skinny Pants from Celebrity Pink Jeans and knew I wanted to style my outfit around them! These jeans are very comfortable and the scrollwork pattern has its own texture to it!


After deciding on my pants I thought burgundy would be a good color to pair with these jeans. I picked up a few tops but ultimately decided on this Long Sleeve Zip Front Blouse from Express! This blouse was very lightweight and comfortable and can be dressed up or down.

I also love the zipper detail on the blouse and the zipper does work! I mixed a lot of gold and silver tones in this outfit between my jewelry and the zippers on my outfit. Even though I usually try and stick one metal hue in an outfit, I decided to take some risks on Christmas. I was also able to style in my new pair of Gunmetal Transparent Ray-Bans that I got for Christmas!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Blouse- Express

Jeans- Celebrity Pink

Flats- Style&Co.

-Caroline 🙂



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