No Bows About It


Not only do I love a good warm, cozy, colorful sweater, I also love a sweater with unexpected details! I purchased this bow back sweater from Delia’s last year at their going out of business sale and it is still one of my favorite sweaters to wear! Delia’s currently has other bow back sweaters on their website that are not exactly the same as this one but still super cute and fun!


Even though the bows on this sweater make it very feminine, you can still add some edge to this look if you do not like dressing super girly like me. To add an edge to this outfit I paired this sweater against a black skull necklace and a pair of black leather quilted hearts slip on shoes from Betsey Johnson. I love the mint color of this sweater and I also like how it looks paired against black accessories. Silver also looks good against this mint sweater so I wore a silver studded bracelet from Steve Madden as well!



Even though bows are considered a more girly item, that does not mean your whole outfit has to be super girly if that is not your style. You can turn any piece of clothing into your style by mixing it with the right accessories! I would recommend purchasing this very cute bow back sweater from Delia’s! They have it available in two different colors on their website and they can be styled many ways! You can play up the bows and style them for a more feminine look or you can try what I did and add some edge to this sweater. Either way is very cute and fun to wear!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Bow Back Sweater- Delia’s

Mint Tank Top- Forever 21

Jeans- Delia’s

Shoes- Betsey Johnson

Bracelet- Steve Madden

Necklace- Betsey Johnson

-Caroline 🙂


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