Straight Out Of The Seventies


I wore this super fun look out over the weekend and a friend complimented me by saying I looked “straight out of the seventies”! Between the polka dot blouse and the wide black hat, I can totally see how this look is inspired by the seventies. I found a few pictures on Pinterest of seventies style inspiration and I can definitely see how my outfit fits that era.



It is always interesting when another person tells you what your outfit reminds them of. When I was styling this outfit I was not thinking of any era at all. I knew I wanted to wear my burgundy jeans and I picked the rest of my outfit out based on that. I really enjoy this look though and I totally agree that is does remind me of seventies fashion.



I knew I wanted to wear a lose and flowing top with these super skinny jeans. I decided on this white polka dot blouse, not only because is flows very nicely but also because of the bright white color against the dark jeans. I also knew I wanted to bring out the black polka dots in the blouse so I kept my shoes and accessories black. I had a lot of fun using one of my new clutches that I recently received as a gift!


This is one of my favorite clutches for so many reasons! I love the long chain on the clutch because you can wear it on your shoulder like I did or cross body style. I also love the studded out Union Jack flag on it! The design on this clutch is great because there is a lot going on, yet it is black and will still match a lot of outfits!


My other favorite part of this clutch is the skull brass knuckles on the top! As you all know I love skulls but this also provides another way for this clutch to be held and carried. Not only is it stylish but it is also functional!


Another great thing about this clutch is its size! Even though it looks really small it does hold a lot! I used this clutch all night and held a lot of my essential items in it.



It is funny how you can find inspiration in an outfit when you were not even looking for it! Thanks to my friend I totally see the seventies vibe this outfit has. When styling an outfit I do not think of different eras that much but I will definitely start using that as a styling point more often!


Hat- Express

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Blouse- Delia’s

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.

-Caroline 🙂

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