One Shirt, Three Ways


I have been keeping my eye out for a denim shirt or a denim looking shirt for awhile now. I decided to check out the Pre-Black Friday sale at Express and I am so happy I did because I found exactly what I was looking for! I spotted this Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt on one of the many racks throughout the store. This shirt definitely lives up to its title because it is super soft! It feels very silky and it is made out of Lyocell. Even though it is not a denim shirt, it has the look of one because of how it is cut, the double pockets, and buttons down the front.

This Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt is currently is available on and in their stores. This shirt also comes in four different colors, pink heather, olive green, pitch black, and currant. I chose the the currant color and I’m very happy I did! I decided to share the three ways I have styled this shirt so far!


The first way I styled this Soft Twill Boyfriend shirt is with a pair of grey jeans and some camel boots. For this look I kept the sleeves rolled up and buttoned some of the bottom buttons. I also wore a black t-shirt underneath this boyfriend shirt. This is a very casual and comfy look that is easy to put together.

Sunglasses- Ray-Bans

Black T-Shirt- Mudd

Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt- Express

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots- Candies



For this second look I decided to add more black accessories. I chose this black hat from Express and a pair of black, studded boots! I liked how these two accessories tied together the black in my shirt. I also decided to wear this Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt lose and open with the sleeves rolled up. This is another casual look that was a lot of fun to wear and it can also be worn at night when going out with friends!


Hat- Express

Black T-Shirt- Mudd

Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt- Express

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.



For this last look I decided to wear the Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt buttoned up and with the sleeves rolled down. Since this shirt has a lose fit, I wore a pair of super skinny jeans from Material Girl with it. I stuck with the grey and black colors, however, I switched them around. This time I wore black jeans instead of grey, and a grey t-shirt instead of a black one. I added a pop of color against the purple shirt with my teal sunglasses.


As you can see this shirt is super versatile and the styling possibilities are endless with it! I only experimented with jeans but I’m sure it would work well tucked into skirts and different cuts of jeans! This shirt can also be worn buttoned or unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up or down. It can also be styled all year along! Not only is this shirt very versatile, it is also super soft and comfortable! I would definitely recommend buying one of these shirts from Express. You can also buy this shirt in a few colors for even more styling possibilities!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Grey T-shirt- Forever 21

Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt- Express

Jeans- Material Girl

Shoes- Converse

-Caroline 🙂


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