Halloween is my favorite holiday and I show that all year long. My house always has Halloween decor in it and I wear clothing with skulls and pumpkins on it all year as well. The other day while I was in Target I was browsing through the clothing section. I found a miscellaneous rack of clothing that I decided to look through and I’m so happy I did! I found this Halloween dress hanging among all the other clothes. This was the only one and it was in my size so I figured it was meant to be!


After I purchased it I immediately knew how I wanted to style this dress. I had a few styling ideas but for my first time wearing it I decided on this look. I wanted to keep my leggings black and neutral since the dress has a busy pattern all over it. I also knew I wanted to wear one of my new hats so I chose this camel colored one from Express. This is one of my new favorite hats and it is currently still available on their website and in their stores. This hat is thick and soft yet still lightweight.


Since I was wearing a camel colored hat, I decided to wear a pair of matching camel boots. I really liked how the boots and hat tied the whole look together. This Halloween dress is cozy and I love the Halloween pattern going across the dress. I can definitely wear this dress during the fall and winter months.



After finding such a great dress I will definitely being checking out all the different racks of clothing at Target more often! Before and after Halloween I never saw this dress at Target which I thought was strange. I was very happy I had to the time to look through different clothing racks. You never know what you will find and finding unique pieces are definitely worth searching for!


Hat- Express

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Dress- Xhilaration

Leggings- Material Girl

Boots- Candies

-Caroline 🙂


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