Rainy Dayz


When a rainy day comes along you can either make the best or worst of it. I always try and make the best of rainy days and that includes what I decide to wear! Even though on rainy days we would rather stay inside and lounge around the house, that does not mean we should wear our loungewear out of the house! Rainy days also give us a great fashion opportunity to break out our rain boots!

I have a few pairs of rain boots that I enjoy styling on rainy days. My newest pair of rain boots are from Betsey Johnson and I have been wearing them the past few times it has rained. I did a review on these boots that you can check out here! Another great accessory to style on a rainy day is scarves! When it rains during the fall and winter it is even colder out, which causes us to want to stay warm inside. We can all stay warm outside by incorporating scarves into our outfits on rainy days!


This multi colored skull scarf is one of my favorite scarves to style. Since there are so many colors in this scarf I can pair many different colored jeans with it! For this look I decided to bring out the blue in my scarf by wearing a matching pair of royal blue jeans. I kept my top simple and neutral with a black, long-sleeve shirt. This shirt also matched my black rain boots very nicely.

I am not a big fan of rainy days but I definitely do not let it prevent me from styling a fun outfit! Trying playing around with different colors and patterns of rain boots. To stay warm on a rainy day add a scarf to your outfit to keep you warm with or without your rain jacket!


Scarf- Was a gift

Long-sleeve shirt- Mossimo Supply Co.

Jeans- Celebrity Pink Jeans

Rain Boots- Betsey Johnson

-Caroline 🙂

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