December Sweaters


Now that we are in the month of December the weather is unfortunately going to get colder. Even though the weather is changing that does not mean all of our fall wardrobe has to! There are many ways we can still wear our fall clothes and have them keep us warm for the winter!

One styling solution for men, and women as well, is to wear our favorite plaid flannel shirts under a pull-over sweater. Make sure to keep your sweater and jeans a more low key, neutral color. This will really make the colors in the collar of your plaid shirt pop.

Not only is this look a great way to continue to wear your plaid flannel shirts in the winter, it is also a great way to stay warm! Layering a plaid flannel shirt under a sweater will definitely keep you warm and comfy this winter. You can also get creative with this look and play around with different colored sweaters and plaid shirts. Have fun and stay warm and stylish!


Plaid Shirt- Express

Sweater- Express

Jeans- Express

Shoes- Vans

-Caroline 🙂

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